Altar Guild


In August 1957, the Faith Lutheran Altar Guild was created. In 2007, the 50th anniversary was celebrated blessing of the new paraments (Altar cloths) and recognition of past and present Guild members.  Donna Gilbertson prepared a DVD with photos taken at various events over the 50 years and music; this was played between services. Judy Kocis prepared an Altar Guild scrapbook.


The Guild currently has 12 members: Emilie Boschee, Eileen Fallgatter,  Verna Kauk, Judy Kocis, Diane Laub, Jill Power, Connie Isaak, Connie Barden, Shelley Hill, Janine Siverson, Mercy Carkuff and Wilma Wiedrich. 

For more information contact Mercy Carkuff 258-6262.

Duties of the Altar Guild:

Weekly:  On Saturday and Wednesday, preparing the Sacraments of Holy Communion; on Saturday, filling the candles with oil, setting up of flowers, and change the paraments to match the colors of the Church year.  Contact the person who is donating the flowers for the week to see if they have any special requests for colors or flowers.

Monthly: Meeting is held the last Saturday of the month at 9:30am in the East Room. All are welcome!

Annually: Decorating the Sanctuary for Lent/Easter, Advent/Christmas, Pentecost, and other special services, clean the sacristy and polish the silver. Determine who will be responsible for each month. Two people work together each month; while the entire membership helps during Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter. Also wash and press communion robes.


The funds for the operation of the Altar Guild come from the Guild member offerings at meetings, memorials, and special collections before Lent and Advent for the purchase of flowers and decorations. Congregation members can sign the flower chart to provide flowers for specific days and are billed directly by the florist.


Communion by Intinction – Dipping the bread into the wine or grape juice and then eating it.

Traditional Communion – Eating the bread, then drinking the wine or grape juice from the small cups.

Sacristy – Small room behind the Alter area used for storage and preparation.

Paraments – Cloth hanging from the Altar. Several were purchased in 2007 and hand woven by Jannae Giles, whose husband is an ELCA pastor.

Sanctuary – Worship area including the pews and Altar area.

Altar Guild – Group of people who are responsible for cleaning, decorating, and maintaining the Altar area and the Sacristy.

Wafers – Unleavened wheat bread is used for Communion, distributed in the form of thin wafers or baked bread.

Gluten-free Wafers – Unleavened bread with no wheat used by people who are allergic to the gluten in wheat. Because it is easy to transfer gluten from the regular wafers to the gluten-free wafers, the gluten-free wafers are not touched by the same fingers that have already touched the wheat wafers.