What is a Concierge?


A concierge is the person behind the desk in the hotel lobby who you ask for information about the city in which you are visiting. This person does more for you then merely answer your questions. This person provides you with maps, calls the restaurants for you and makes your reservations. They purchase tickets for you for the Broadway show you were hoping to see and help you exchange your dollars for currency needed where you are. They arrange for your dry cleaning or salon appointments, they make suggestions for tourist opportunities and have all the information about times, dates, and contacts for everything that goes on in town. This is the person to make your friend while you are traveling!

Faith Lutheran Church has its own version of a “concierge” station in the gathering place of our church. This station will be the center for all information about the ministries and events happening at Faith Lutheran and beyond. But like the hotel concierge, the person sitting behind this desk, does more than just dispense information. They can actually help you accomplish things: like register you for Sunday School classes, sign you up for a Bible Study class, tell you what the Rice Pudding booth is all about and help you find the opportunity for you to participate.

Information about our denomination and our extended church family is available at this site, as well as allowing you to purchase a sweatshirt with the Faith Lutheran logo on it to help support our youth and their ministries. You can even volunteer to read the lessons in worship, or sign up to contribute the flowers one Sunday in memory of your loved ones. And why not order your Fair Trade coffee while you are there! The list of stuff found at this station goes on and on and continues to grow as the ministries and partnerships at Faith Lutheran continue to grow.

So stop by the “Concierge Desk.” Say hello to the person who volunteered to staff it and ask how you might learn a thing or two about what goes on at Faith and how you might participate in it!

This Concierge station is sponsored by the Evangelism Committee. Any questions or suggestions can be directed to them through the church office….or just let the concierge know and they will pass the information along!