Pastor Sylvia's Newsletter August 2017

7/30/17 (Sun)

Pastor’s Piece
Pastor Sylvia Bull


Share. Read. Talk. Pray. Bless. The Faith 5. How might our lives as individuals, households, and congregations be transformed if we used these verbs to shape and direct our lives together? This is the question that eight of us from Faith considered as we attended the Cross+Gen Life Tour with Dr. Rich Melheim at Good Shepherd on July 5.
Share: talk about highs and lows with each other. What if we actually reflected on the
blessings and challenges of our lives and told them to someone else who cares about us?
Read: hear, imagine, experience a verse or story from the Bible with other people.
What if we let the stories of scripture sink into us, learning them deeply, by heart?
Talk: engage the Bible story, seeking to understand it more fully. What if we wondered
together about what these stories mean for us?
Pray: lift up to God the highs and lows of our lives and the world. What if we knew
people were praying for us everyday, and we promised to pray for others everyday?
Bless: mark the sign of the cross on each other. What if we intentionally helped each
other remember our baptism?
Who is a part of your household? You and your spouse? Your kids or grandkids? A
sibling or friend or roommate? Your pets? Starting this month, I am committing to share, read, talk, pray, and bless - for just a few minutes each day - in my household, for 6 weeks. Will you join me? If you live alone, is there a friend or family member you can covenant to do this with over the phone or via Skype or FaceTime? Take 5 or 10 minutes with the ones you love to share highs and lows, hear God’s word, pray for each other, and bless each other.
And let me know how it’s going! In about six weeks, on September 10 and 13, we’ll kickoff a new program year with a new theme: Be Transformed! It’s the perfect time to check in on how things are going. I’d love to hear your highs and lows: how these Faith 5 have started to transform your household (or not), what went well, what was hard.
On September 10, we’ll also have a chance to serve together for God’s Work, Our Hands Day (keep a lookout for more information). And on October 29 at 11:00am, we’ll be able to commemorate together the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation with a community worship service at the Bismarck Event Center. These will be great highs in our life together, and I can’t wait to share them with you!
Blessings as you share, read, talk, pray, and bless. I’ll be praying for you, and I ask you to be praying for me as well.

In Christ,
Pastor Sylvia