Local Task Missions Group August Collections

7/24/17 (Mon)


August Mission Collections


During the month of August the Missions Task Group will be collecting items for both Carrie’s Kids and Community Action.


Both of these non-profit organizations have been designed to target helping school age children ages 3-18 who are in need of basic items.

Community Action heads up a Backpacks for Kids program which fills backpacks with non perishable food items and delivers them once a week to kids who may not have enough food to eat over the weekend when they are away from school. The children are then able to return the backpacks to the school and have them filled again the next week. This is done in a very discreet way in hopes that it will not draw attention to the fact that these kids are not just like all the others that attend who are more fortunate.


Carrie’s Kids is a program that is set up to try to give kids some stability in a non stable environment. During a speech Carrie gave, she stated that most of the kids she helps do not have any stability in their lives, and have no idea what the next day will bring for them. As a result of this, one of the main things that she wants to help kids with is getting them to school. By doing this, these kids will have something in their life that they can count on to be consistent. Carrie’s Kids works with many different organizations within the Bismarck-Mandan area to provide other things that these kids are in need of such as food, personal care items and clothing.


A list of items needed is available at the pantry drop off area.